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Know as it Happens. All your media mentions in one place

Your All-in-One Platform for Real-Time Media Monitoring. Today, media tracking is about getting quick, accurate results and understanding the value of your coverage. Listen to what people are saying about your brand across of print, broadcast, online sources and social and track all of those conversations in one place.

A reliable media monitoring solution you can trust.


We Are EPG Metadata & Management Provider

SETTE offers accurate and comprehensive metadata solutions for channels and platform operators. We provide complete, enriched and up-to-date metadata with high-quality content images. Add value to content


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For over 11 years, brands & PR agencies and organizations from North Macedonia have trusted SETTE We’re dedicated to partnering them to meet and exceed their needs today and in the future.

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Proudly serving the biggest brands &
PR agencies in North Macedonia

This story began in 2008 only with a big idea. The idea was simple: All your media mentions in one place. From all media. In realtime. Focusing on digital news, SETTE quickly grew to become the preeminent media monitoring and analytics leader in North Macedonia. We’re monitoring company where clever people meet clever technology.