Know as it Happens.

All your media mentions in one place.

Your All-in-One Platform for Real-Time Media Monitoring.

Today, media tracking is about getting quick, accurate results and understanding the value of your coverage. Listen what people are saying about your brand across of print, broadcast, online sources and social and track all of those conversations in one place.


A reliable media monitoring solution you can trust

Understand the stories and conversations that matter, as soon as they happen. Stay on top of the coverage that matters to you. Our comprehensive coverage tracking means that you will never miss a word that is being said about you in traditional media and online in North Macedonia.

SETTE Clipping presents the information relevant to you. All your media mentions in one place. From all media. In realtime. Multi-channel Media Monitoring


World-class monitoring, amazingly easy

Whether at work or on the move with your tablet or smartphone, you get all relevant information in real-time and can process it effectively.

Reports with few clicks

Press review and reports can be created easily. Media review with concrete figures, informative diagrams and convincing evaluations — all with a few clicks.

Print media

Monitor across national & regional papers, as well as trade & consumer magazines in North Macedonia. Every information is enriched with full transcript content as well as a scan of it

Online media

Simple and clear internet monitoring. Get daily information about your company, your products and competitors, your markets and brands in over 100 online media portals in North Macedonia. These reports are available 24/7 – anytime, anywhere

TV/Radio media

See how your brand is being represented on all major channels across television and radio. For more than a decade, SETTE has set the standard for broadcast monitoring in the media space in North Macedonia

Social media

So much of today's news happens on social media — and you need to know about it. Monitor, interact and evaluate social conversions that are integral to managing your brand perception

Executive News Briefings

Get the most pertinent coverage delivered straight to your inbox every morning with a daily media brief.

The Executive Briefing is a reporting service which delivers a daily news brief created by our analysts to summaries all important coverage about daily political or economical events, in one easy to read email report.

Instead of rushing through all of your most important news stories each morning, use the Executive Briefing to have brief summaries report of important information.